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For the last 40 years Leonel Chavez has been farming in Michoacan, Mexico. He has been certified USDA organic for 15+ years, incorporating a variety of permaculture, biodynamic, organic, and other techniques to create a unique agriculture style he calls "Farming for Life."  One can be organic certified, but still approach agriculture with a "monoculture" mindset which is meant to control nature and use biological chemicals to kill/eliminate a variety of pests. Farming for Life is about living with nature. It's about providing a habitat for all the bacterias, funguses, 'weeds,' insects, and other pests.  Its about using everything available on the farm property to create a rich soil, and amazing fruit that nourishes the mind, body, and soul of people.


Family of Farming Principals.

Because of the cultural and language barrier for the last 15 years Leonel and his brothers and sisters have had to sell his world class avocado product to pack-houses, brands, and other intermediaries in Mexico. His avocados were lumped together with other organic avocados from the region.  Leonel created Michoacan Organics to set up an avenue for direct sales of his avocados into the United States. First, because he felt that the farmers and producers were being taken advantage of financially, and deserved more of the final price.  More importantly, he believed that the avocados from their farms need to be distinguished in the marketplace because they are superior and have an important story that needs to be told to help consumers understand Agriculture for Life practices, and the difference in nutrients and antioxidants versus other avocados.

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